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European Eye Research
Harpoon technique for the management of dropped nucleus [Eur Eye Res]
Eur Eye Res. 2023; 3(2): 91-93 | DOI: 10.14744/eer.2023.68077

Harpoon technique for the management of dropped nucleus

Salih Sertac Azarsiz, Erol Erkan
Department of Ophthalmology, Bakircay University Cigli Training and Research Hospital, Izmir, Türkiye

Cataract extraction has various complications but dropped lens material should be properly managed to prevent further complications and visual impairment. We describe a cost-effective technique to deal with dropped nucleus using 26G IV cannula as a harpoon to fixate the lens. After performing complete standard vitrectomy, 26G IV cannula is inserted into the lens material and elevated up to anterior chamber for safe removal with phacoemulsification. Out technique is cost-effective and provides the maximum preventive measures for possible retinal damage and safe removal of the lens material.

Keywords: Lens dislocation, perfluorocarbon liquid; vitrectomy.

Salih Sertac Azarsiz, Erol Erkan. Harpoon technique for the management of dropped nucleus. Eur Eye Res. 2023; 3(2): 91-93

Corresponding Author: Erol Erkan, Türkiye
Manuscript Language: English