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European Eye Research EUROPEAN EYE RESEARCH - Eur Eye Res: 4 (1)
Volume: 4  Issue: 1 - 2024

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2.Front Matters

Pages II - IV

3.Pearl necklace sign and other optical coherence tomography findings in retinal vein occlusion at the first visit
Ezgi Karatas, Sefik Can Ipek, Kivanc Kasal, Ali Osman Saatci
doi: 10.14744/eer.2023.50570  Pages 1 - 6

4.Investigation of the chemical structure of silicone oil interacting with bevacizumab by spectroscopic methods: a dose recommendation
Feride Tuncer Orhan
doi: 10.14744/eer.2023.13007  Pages 7 - 15

5.The effect of ectopic inner foveal layer thickness on metamorphopsia in idiopathic epiretinal membranes
Okan Akmaz, Murat Gokhan Tokac, Murat Garli, Suleyman Gokhan Kerci, Tekin Aydin
doi: 10.14744/eer.2023.30074  Pages 16 - 23

6.Opinions of Turkish ophthalmologists on telemedicine applications: A national, questionnaire-based survey
Gamze Karatas, Mehmet Egemen Karatas
doi: 10.14744/eer.2023.20592  Pages 24 - 29

7.Impact of obesity on ocular parameters: A comparative study of normal-weight and obese adults
Ceren Durmaz Engin, Dilhan Karaca, Taylan Ozturk
doi: 10.14744/eer.2023.92486  Pages 30 - 36

8.A retrospective overview of the scientific researches of Turkish female ophthalmologist scholars: Is there any gender discrimination?
Aynur Er, Hamidu Hamisi Gobeka, Ibrahim Ethem Ay, Mustafa Dogan
doi: 10.14744/eer.2023.54154  Pages 37 - 41

9.Surgical approaches to juvenile open-angle glaucoma
Yasemin Un, Serhat Imamoglu, Okşan Alpogan, Rüveyde Bolaç, Merve Beyza Yıldız
doi: 10.14744/eer.2023.39306  Pages 42 - 50

10.Evaluation of selective laser trabeculoplasty effectiveness in cases with pseudoexfoliation glaucoma and ocular hypertension
Hakan Öztürk, Bediz Özen
doi: 10.14744/eer.2023.85520  Pages 51 - 56

11.Efficiency of web-based code-free artificial intelligence platform in classification of vitreomacular interface diseases
Furkan Kirik, Cumhur Özbaş, Cansu Ekinci, Arif Koytak, Hakan Özdemir
doi: 10.14744/eer.2023.69885  Pages 57 - 62

12.The influence of chewing gum activity on tear production: A prospective study of anterior segment optical coherence tomography
Hakan Öztürk, Hasan Aytoğan, Emre Ayintap
doi: 10.14744/eer.2023.77487  Pages 63 - 67

13.Evaluation of ocular surface and corneal parameters in face mask users
Dondu Melek Ulusoy, Neslihan Bayraktar Bilen, Murat Sinan Saricaoglu
doi: 10.14744/eer.2023.29290  Pages 68 - 73

14.The grievances of medical supervisors against medical residents
Drhussain Ahmad Khaqan, Raheela Naz, Ateeq Ur Rehman, Laraib Hassan, Laraib Hassan, Hafiz Mubashir Farooqui, Ahmed Fouzan, Asad Mahmood Khan
doi: 10.14744/eer.2024.51196  Pages 74 - 79

15.The effect of steep axis incision on astigmatism in cataract surgery
Kivanc Ozen, Atilim Armagan Demirtas
doi: 10.14744/eer.2023.74046  Pages 80 - 84

16.Comparison of costs of bevacizumab, ranibizumab, and aflibercept in loading dose administration for diabetic macular edema treatment: Observational cost analysis
Ali Altan Ertan Boz, Erkan Celik
doi: 10.14744/eer.2023.55265  Pages 85 - 89

17.Anesthesia for ophthalmic surgery
Cengiz Sahutoglu
doi: 10.14744/eer.2023.44127  Pages 90 - 102