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European Eye Research EUROPEAN EYE RESEARCH - Eur Eye Res: 3 (3)
Volume: 3  Issue: 3 - December 2023

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2.Front Matters

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3.Investigation of the effects of intracameral carbachol on oxidative stress and apoptosis in rat corneas
Omer Faruk Yilmaz, Ali Akal, Ufuk Ozkan, Sezen Kocarslan, Nurten Aksoy
doi: 10.14744/eer.2023.03016  Pages 101 - 107

4.Association between health insurance membership and cataract surgery utilization: A systematic review and meta-analysis
Farisa Shauma Fachir, Syamsul Arifin, Silvia KristantiTri Febriana, Tenri Ashari Wanahari
doi: 10.14744/eer.2023.36035  Pages 108 - 113

5.Distribution of intraocular pressure and central corneal thickness by age and gender: a population-based study
Saadet Gültekin Irgat, Nilgun Yildirim
doi: 10.14744/eer.2023.09709  Pages 114 - 121

6.Binocular function and stereopsis in neovascular age-related macular degeneration
Nur Demir, Belma Kayhan, Sukru Sevincli, Murat Sonmez
doi: 10.14744/eer.2023.30974  Pages 122 - 126

7.The assessment of refractive outcome in patients who underwent pars plana vitrectomy and intraocular lens implantation in the same session due to lens or lens fragments drop
Yucel Ozturk, Abdullah Agin, Aysun Yucel Gencoglu
doi: 10.14744/eer.2023.30074  Pages 127 - 131

8.A tertiary hospital study on standard versus simplified consent forms for cataract surgery: Is there a perceptible or imperceptible influence on surgery decision-making?
Ibrahim Ethem Ay, Muberra Akdogan, Ayse Yesim Oral, Ozgur Erogul, Mustafa Dogan, Hamidu Hamisi Gobeka
doi: 10.14744/eer.2023.93063  Pages 132 - 138

9.Optical coherence tomography angiography in myopic macular neovascularization
Selcuk Sizmaz, Ebru Esen, Püren Işık, Nihal Demircan
doi: 10.14744/eer.2023.95967  Pages 139 - 144

10.A case of ocular toxoplasmosis presenting with neuroretinitis
Bilge Tarim, Meltem Kilic, Mualla Hamurcu
doi: 10.14744/eer.2023.44153  Pages 145 - 149

11.Choroidal malignant melanoma: the importance of ultrasonography
Burak Ulas, Altan Atakan Ozcan, Saadi Aljundi, Kemal Yar
doi: 10.14744/eer.2023.82997  Pages 150 - 152