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1.Comparison of Clinical Parameters in Patients with Cataract Surgery During and Before Covid-19 Pandemic
Gülce Gökgöz Özışık, Selim Cevher, Mehmet Baris Ucer
doi: 10.14744/eer.2023.46036  Page 0

2.Pearl Necklace Sign and Other Optical Coherence Tomography Findings in Retinal Vein Occlusion at the First Visit
Ezgi Karataş, Şefik Can İpek, Kıvanç Kasal, Ali Osman Saatci
doi: 10.14744/eer.2023.50570  Page 0

3.A tertiary hospital study on standard versus simplified consent forms for cataract surgery: Is there a perceptible or imperceptible influence on surgery decision-making?
ibrahim ethem ay, muberra akdogan, Ayse Yesim Oral, Özgür EROĞUL, Mustafa DOĞAN, Hamidu Hamisi Gobeka
doi: 10.14744/eer.2023.93063  Page 0

4.Comparison of postoperative outcomes and patient-surgeon satisfaction with a needle-tipped electrocautery incision and a cold scalpel incision in upper eyelid blepharoplasty: Cohort Study
Ali Altan Ertan Boz, Mahmut Atum
doi: 10.14744/eer.2023.28291  Page 0

5.Evaluation of existence of depression or anxiety symptoms in patients with bilateral cataract
Pelin Kiyat, Omer karti, osman hasantahsin Kılıç
doi: 10.14744/eer.2023.46855  Page 0

6.Evaluation of lacrimal punctum and tear meniscus in dry eye syndrome: a comparative spectral domain OCT study
Murat Kasikci, Özgür Erogul, Hamidu Hamisi Gobeka, Cansu Kaya
doi: 10.14744/eer.2023.72792  Page 0

7.Current Concepts in Pachychoroid Spectrum Diseases: Insights Into the Pathophysiology
Sibel Demirel, Özge Yanık, Gökçen Özcan, Figen Batıoğlu, Emin Özmert
doi: 10.14744/eer.2023.70783  Page 0